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Per volontà e per caso

Tonight at EMUFest 2016, Volontà V – III concert for Live Electronics – Sala Accademica in Conservatorio S. Cecilia.

>=< cpd (In Two Minds)

for sax and live electronics

sopran sax Michele D’Auria

live electronics Massimiliano Mascaro

The sentence Par volo­nté et par hasard (Per volontà e per caso in italian), taken from an interview by Boulez to the Belgian musicologist Célestin Deliège in the seventies, condenses and integrates the attitude for experimentation and research that characterizes modern music from the last century til today.Honoring Boulez, EMUfest 2016 intends to pursue a project that is ethical as well as educational. It is dedicated to the values of musical research, that is innovation, freedom of expression and consciousness, and a constant attention to the relation between art and its social environment.­

Live streaming on RadioCEMAT radiocemat.org



Sala Accademica, Conservatorio S. Cecilia, h 20.30

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