S’i fosse foco II (2009)

Per soprano e live electronics

Durata: 7′ 00” ca

1st prize at the International Electroacoustic Music Competition Musica Nova

Prima esecuzione assoluta: International Competition Musica Nova – Czech Music Foundation, 4/12/2009

Barbara Zanichelli(soprano), Simone Conforti(elettronica)



S’i fosse foco, the famous poem by Cecco Angiolieri, explicitly ridicules the literary topics of the Italian ‘Stilnovo’: instead of adopting the usual amorous subjects of contemporary poetry, the poem is a violent attack on the social conventions of his time, calling for a complete subversion of the worldly ethical dimension.

The dialogue between female voice and digital sound attempts to represent this paradox of the imagination: in the first part, the literary text is whispered, spoken, stammered: it is the semantic autonomy of the signifier to construct a meaning, whilst the signified is perceptively hidden, as an echo. Finally, in the third part, the intensity of entropy decreases and the ‘song of the chaos’ emerges: the voice try to reach her extreme ranges, the rhythm is slowed, the vital flow seems suspended in a hypnotic game which represents the visceral acceptance of the ontological necessity for disorder.

Sight Listen – Sight Reading for Your Ears. Review by Ben Davis


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